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Road Trippin’ 2015

We recruit year round, but lately, our team has been logging the miles. Thanks to all our current and alumni FEMBAs who meet us in all these cities and help us communicate to the next generation of FEMBAs. And thanks to my team, who make it all happen!

Military Lunch in San Diego, April 7, 2015
Maureen Riley drove down and hosted a great event with the help of three of our amazing FEMBA military students/alumni Naomi Slusser 2017, Pat Winter 2014, and Joe Hogan 2017.

20150407 Maureen Military Lunch Cheesecake factory  IMG_2325
It’s always Sunny in San Diego? April 7 Cheesecake Factory Military lunch hosted by Maureen.

March 28, 2015  Lunch for Eight with Professor Stephen Spiller and new 2018s. Thanks Terry Shea ’16 for organizing.

201504 Lunch for Eight New Admits Adrine Akopyan, Jason Awe, Bruce Field, current student host Terry Shea 2016, Prof Stephen Spiller, Ella Foux and Tim Revelle
Pictured from left to right are our some of our Class of 2018 new admits: Adrine Akopyan, Jason Awe, Bruce Field, current student host Terry Shea (2016), Prof. Stephen Spiller, Ella Foux and Tim Revelle.

Information Session at Google in Mountain View, March 20, 2015
Said Maureen, “For two years I’ve wanted to have an FEMBA Info Session at Google, and it finally happened last night! It was fantastic. A lot of the attendees work at Google naturally, but we also had people from Tesla, SAP, ITC, Merrill Lynch, Ericsson, Lockheed, Expedia, HP, and CTS there…The woman who works at Tesla said it was the best info session that she has been to because it was not boring and because everyone was very open.”  Here is Maureen, getting ready for the evening.

20150320 Google Mountain View Maureen Riley

Supporting Maureen were our own current and alumni FEMBAs. Left to Right: Tim Frank, Tim Hui, Anna Min, Sammy Shan, and Neelima Clark (not pictured here, had to leave early).

20150320 Google Mountain View Panel Tim Frank Tim Hui Anna Min Sammy Shan and Neelima Clark not pictured

Here is Maureen leading the Information Session at Google.

20150320 Google Mountain View Maureen Riley Presenting

HOPE Latina History Day Conference March 13, 2015
Christy Marquez and Christina Marentes on our team attended this very successful conference. Wrote Christy, “…was a day full of successful and inspiring Latina guest speakers and a leadership workshop.  Guest speakers included a NASA scientist, politicians and executives, and the leadership workshop was run by a psychologist and entrepreneur who is one of Al Osborne’s mentees.”

20150313 HOPE Latina History Day V
l-r Christina Marentes and Christy Marquez greeting the public at the HOPE History Day Conference on 3/13.


Houston, March 9, 2015     Christy jetted over to Houston Monday and hosted a dinner for future FEMBAs. Thanks to Flex student Vishal Saheta (2017) and alum Oleg Melnikov (2004) who attended.
20150309 Houston Christy RecruitingBoeing, March 11, 2015   Maureen, Heather Layne 15, and I went to Boeing in El Segundo on March 11. Thanks to all our current and alumni volunteers: Patti Strong 15, Richard Pepe 14, Richard Milford 04, John Stanley 09, Theresa Huang 10 (Organizer, Thank you!), Sean Camarella 16!
20150311 Boeing El Segundo Photo

Northwest Week: March 2-4, 2015, Maureen recruited on both sides of the bridge, hosting events in both Seattle and also Redmond. Then she drove three hours and held our first-ever Portland recruiting event.

20150304 Portland Info Session Hotel Monaco Red Star Tavern
Maureen hosted FEMBA’s first-ever Portland Recruiting event, at the Red Star Tavern, at the Hotel Monaco.
20150303 Redmond WA lunch Maureen
Maureen Riley (front right) was supported in Redmond by Meera Aurora (2016 Flex) and Hyer Bercaw (1994) .
20150302 Matt at CSUN
Artist’s rendition of Matt Gorlick “wowing” his audience. Matt forgot to take a photo…

Long-Term Outreach: March 2, 2015 Matt went to CSUN and spoke to honors business students about their long-term goals and how they can spend their twenties to end up at great places like UCLA Anderson.

We had an over-capacity at Admissions 101 (an 80% show rate blew us away) led by Matt, with Christy and Raymond supporting. There’s Matt in the middle.

20150225 Admissions 101 EDR Christy Matt Raymond
Matt’s leading Admissions 101 in the Executive Dining Room, February 25.

Bay Area Week — Maureen and Christy hit the road two weeks ago, to Santa Clara and San Francisco.

Friday, February 20, was lunch in Santa Clara and we appreciate our volunteers Tim Hui 2014, Asad Sattar 2013, Jeffery Langston-Jones 2014, Sriram Puthucode 2013, and Steven Huang 2015.

20150219 Cheesecake Santa Clara
There’s Maureen, in the middle standing, welcoming everyone in Santa Clara.

Thursday, February 19, was lunch in San Francisco. Thanks to our volunteers Eric Hong 2010, Yousef Dalal 2014, Jeff Chang 2012, Asad Sattar 2013.

20150219 Cheesecake San Francisco
Lunching in San Francisco.

Wednesday evening February 18, was our Women’s Event at Yelp. Thanks to Zaina Orbai 2012, Director of HR at Yelp who hosted us, and to Anna Min 2010, Reimi Hyun 2013 and Tafflyn Toy 2011 who all joined the panel.

20150218 Yelp Maureen
That’s our own Maureen Riley leading the discussion.
20150218 Yelp 4
Doesn’t the furniture at Yelp make you want to chill?

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