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UCLA Love Story: Maria and Jason

In honor of UCLA being in the Sweet 16, the true love story of Maria Fabregas-Iglesias ’23 and Jason Guo ’23, how they met, commuted, courted, and married–all during FEMBA!

My grandmother always told me, “If you want to catch a fish, you better go where the good fish are.” With over 125 different graduate programs, plus our amazing undergrads, UCLA attracts the best “fish”, the most talented, high-aspiration people from across the US and world. 

My way of expressing the personal possibilities to create lifelong friendships at UCLA is Hogwarts meets the United Nations, by which I mean the magic of Hogwarts + the global diversity of the United Nations. When you read Maria and Jason’s story, you’ll see the magic of an international love story, made here in the USA at UCLA. Go Bruins!

Maria and Jason’s Love Story

Jason and Maria Wedding
Maria and Jason: from Orange County to UCLA, commuting turned into courtship

Although Maria and Jason’s paths never crossed during their undergraduate studies in San Diego nor when they both relocated to Irvine, it was when they enrolled in the UCLA MBA program in 2020 that their lives ultimately intertwined. The pandemic kept them apart for a while, but when they finally met in person in the summer of 2021, they quickly became close friends.

Living in Irvine, Maria and Jason found themselves carpooling to school events and gatherings. Jason, normally selfless and eager to help others, deliberately declined to include others in their carpool. He wanted Maria to know he was pursuing her. Luckily, Maria consistently asked to carpool with Jason, and he was more than happy to oblige.

During their long drives to and from UCLA, they enjoyed quality time together and truly got to know each other. They shared many interests, especially in regards to finances and investments. They found common ground in their love for Disney but had one major difference: Maria was devoted to Apple products while Jason was an avid Windows and Android user. This led to a choppy texting experience between their devices. However, Maria quickly suggested WhatsApp to bridge the gap, and Jason absolutely loved Maria’s sense of practicality and problem solving.

As the end of 2021 approached, Jason found himself captivated by a Formula One race. He was a diehard Red Bull fan and watched in awe as his favorite driver Max Verstappen won the championship. Overcome with emotion, Jason knew it was time to take a chance and ask Maria out. To his delight, she agreed. Even more, she asked him what had taken him so long!

Their first date was delayed until mid-January 2022 because Maria was visiting her sister in Spain, but Maria and Jason wasted no time in deepening their connection. Within the first week of dating, they met each other’s parents; within the second, their parents had met each other. Soon after, Jason asked Maria’s parents for their permission to marry Maria, and with their blessing, Jason quickly bought a ring and proposed just a month after they began dating.

Maria and Jason had an intimate civil wedding in May, surrounded by their closest family members. Their friends and classmates were both shocked and unsurprised by the quick progression of their relationship. Funnily enough, their parents were completely unfazed, already inquiring about future grandchildren.

Maria and Jason’s love story had begun in January, led to an engagement in February, and culminated in marriage by May of the same year. This is the level of productivity you would expect out of UCLA Anderson MBA students!

Maria’s perspective:

Coming to UCLA Anderson, I knew I would encounter like-minded people and learn from talented professors. Little did I realize that I would also meet the love of my life and so much more. Since day one, I felt at home at UCLA, and developing friendships came naturally. When I met Jason, I thought it was too unreal to be true. Juggling a demanding job, lofty aspirations, and school is no easy feat; I never imagined I would find time for dating as well. The idea of meeting someone who understood the pursuit of an ambitious career seemed unfathomable to me. Jason not only understood but also shared my goals, constantly encouraging me to do what was best for myself. Fortunately for me, he was what was right for me! Saying yes to his proposal was the easiest decision I ever made. Having my classmate as my partner and support system has been amazing as he always empathizes with my experiences.

Jason’s perspective:

I always knew that I wanted a business partner in a wife. Maria shares my curiosity and empathy, and I adore her genuine kindness and care towards others. Her ambition, intuition, and intelligence make her an amazing companion, and we could talk for hours without getting bored. Whether we accomplish 100 tasks or none at all, spending time with her never feels like a waste of time. What is even more exciting is that we share the same entrepreneurial mindset, with an equal amount of caution. We are both passionate about building something amazing together, and I know that we are going to accomplish great things. I am so grateful to have found my business partner in life, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us! Maria is my type, and I love her so much.

Who is Maria Fabregas-Iglesias ’23?

Maria pursued her undergraduate degree in economics at UCSD. She then became an associate at Goldman Sachs where she continues to work. She decided to pursue her MBA at UCLA to accelerate her career and acquire the technical skills she knew would facilitate her growth. Maria enjoys traveling, especially to visit her family in Mexico and her sister in Spain. She is bilingual and is now learning Mandarin Chinese in preparation for visiting Jason’s family in China! UCLA Anderson has taught her that one’s network is of paramount importance.
Maria on LinkedIn

Who is Jason Guo ’23?

Jason holds finance and accounting degrees from the University of San Diego. He began his career in tax, gaining M&A experience and assisting with company restructuring, digital implementations, and long-term strategizing. Jason later shifted to real estate investments and is currently pursuing an MBA from UCLA to expand his knowledge and network, joining 17 clubs and attending countless events. Jason looks forward to pivoting into technology after graduating from UCLA and appreciates all the support from the faculty and his classmates. Most of all, he found Maria, the love of his life. Even more, Maria’s family in Mexico and Spain also love Formula One!
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Jason Guo and Maria Fabregas-Iglesias
When you know, you know
Life is better with a best friend.
Happy journeys Maria and Jason.
Oh, the places you’ll go!

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