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Real-Time Results: Kwasi Bowman ’23, Director of Account Management at Gavelytics

  • UCLA Anderson
  • Kwasi Bowman ’23 is half-way through UCLA Anderson. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, by way of a BS in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins, Kwasi is now here in SoCal as a Director of Account Management at Gavelytics. Kwasi’s MBA journey is transforming his career in real-time.

    Graciously, Kwasi accepted his peers’ nomination at the outset of UCLA Anderson, Leadership Foundations, to be a “Voice of FEMBA” and he’s been cataloguing his journey for us.

    Here is Kwasi’s third installment, recorded at the completion of Core courses and the beginning of electives. And below are his prior two Voice of FEMBA reflections. See Kwasi’s real-time transformation as he shares his journey, recorded January 18, 2022.

    And here below is Kwasi’s second installment, recorded at the completion of the first year of UCLA Anderson, August 3, 2021.

    And here is Kwasi’s original video, recorded 16 months ago (October 26, 2020) after the completion of the opening Leadership Foundations experience. See Kwasi’s real-time transformation.

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