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FEMBA Blog single

The Most Interesting MBA in the World

…A UCLA Anderson MBA is a master of persuasion, an innovative strategist and an overall showstopper. Crowds part at the very thought of a crisp, Bruin business card. With our Dos Equis parody, Team “Polished by Diamonds” sought to illustrate the extraordinary potential that an MBA from UCLA Anderson unlocks, through the awe-inspiring life of the Most Interesting MBA in the World… from the award-winning video.

I still love this work. Thanks Anastasia Ali ’14, Melissa Astete ’14, Ryan Gutterson ’14, Timothy Hui ’14, Khoa Le ’14, Dianna Moore ’14, Dania Shaheen ’14, Linda Tran ’14 and Rose Zhu ’14.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qAzxNEHTdI?rel=0]

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