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Student Perspectives: Finding Your Footing in Fall Quarter

About Annie: Annie McNutt (’23) is originally from Los Angeles. She graduated from Emory University with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing. After graduation, Annie stayed in Atlanta and worked for Kimberly-Clark in a variety of marketing roles from digital marketing to global product management. Most recently, Annie worked as a customer marketing manager for Kimberly-Clark in London. At Anderson, she seeks to pivot her career from marketing into entrepreneurship. Annie is interested in the events industry and connecting people; she hopes to become a serial entrepreneur.

Anytime you start something new, it takes time to get settled, and it can feel frustrating that everything isn’t clicking immediately. I know I felt that way as I started at Anderson. But hopefully my experiences can help you to find your footing a little faster as you embark on the grand adventure that is a UCLA Anderson MBA.


Heading back to school means, you guessed it, classes. And homework. Returning to school and not only having class every day but then having work to do in the evenings, is an adjustment from the working world. Take it slow and be gentle with yourself. And remember that UCLA has tons of resources at your disposal from office hours to TA review sessions to tutoring; be sure to take advantage of them! Anderson is also an incredibly collaborative environment. We truly do Share Success. Your learning team, with whom you will complete most of your group projects, will be a great support system. Just remember, everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is adjusting from the working world to being a student again; so talk to your peers and take a deep breath; you’ve got this!


Your MBA is the time to explore career options. So many people in my class are “pivoting” meaning they are completely switching industry or function or both. Know that different careers recruit on different timelines so when you see bankers and consultants prepping for interviews and securing internships, you aren’t behind. I’ll say that again, you aren’t behind. Everyone is on a different schedule and that’s ok. Recruiting is a stressful time, but Anderson has so many resources from the Parker Career Center to 2nd year MBA students. I’ve found that 2nd years are always willing to grab a coffee and chat with me about their summer internship or their previous industry. They are a great source of knowledge, so make sure you tap into their expertise!


In addition to classes, you will have the opportunity to join a plethora of professional and interest clubs; everything from Marketing Association to Anderson Wine Club. Clubs are a great opportunity to meet people who share similar interests. It’s also a great way to take a break from schoolwork and recruiting to socialize and network with your classmates. Clubs are also an opportunity to explore your interests and figure out what you want to do with your career. Take advantage of the speaker series and lunchtime events and consider taking on director positions in your favorite clubs.  

Finding Your Friends

Everyone told me before I started school that the people I met in grad school would be my life-long friends. I admit, I was skeptical at first; but I have to say that they were right. At first, meeting everyone feels overwhelming and a bit repetitive. But the more people you meet and get to know, the closer you get to finding “your people.” Try to schedule a weekly meet up with friends (a taco night, a wine night, etc.). It’s a great way to decompress from a busy week and take time to just get to know your friends. 

I won’t claim to have completely found my footing yet, but I’m making progress each and every day and hopefully these tips will help you find your footing in your Fall quarter at Anderson!

Student Blogger: Annie McNutt ‘23

Undergrad: Emory University ’15 – B.B.A. Marketing

Pre-MBA: Customer Marketing Manager, Kimberly-Clark

Leadership@Anderson: First-Year Director, Admission Ambassador Corps; Director of Mentorship, WBC; Director of Speaker Series, Entrepreneurs Association; Director of External Partnerships, Anderson Wine Club; First-Year Social Director, Section E

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