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Second Year Perspective: The Value of an MBA

About Annie: Annie McNutt (’23) is originally from Los Angeles. She graduated from Emory University with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing. After graduation, Annie stayed in Atlanta and worked for Kimberly-Clark in a variety of marketing roles from digital marketing to global product management. Most recently, Annie worked as a customer marketing manager for Kimberly-Clark in London. At Anderson, she seeks to pivot her career from marketing into entrepreneurship. Annie is interested in the events industry and connecting people; she hopes to become a serial entrepreneur. She is currently a second year FTMBA at Anderson.

It’s one of the latest debates: is it really worth it to get an MBA? Some will argue that the expense is just too high and that you will not see a return on your investment. As someone who is currently in the thick of it, I can say, without a doubt, investing in an MBA is investing in yourself. And I, for one, believe it is worth every penny.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I question why I’m back in school. But to me, it all boils down to a few key reasons why I believe getting an MBA is still so valuable.

The network

The network of people that you meet in an MBA program is unparalleled. The caliber of individuals all pursuing varying career goals with a drive to improve themselves is not something I have experienced since my college days. Beyond the career implications for being a part of such a strong network of individuals, I can honestly say I’ve met some of my best friends at business school. For two years, you hustle together, work together and play together. No one knows or understands you like your MBA friends will and it is so vital to have that support system when pursuing your MBA.

The access

The access you have as an MBA student is so incredibly valuable. As a student, you have access to research, reports and library resources that would usually cost thousands. You also have access to incredible speakers and alumni that come to campus for class or club events. Getting to be in the same room as a Netflix CEO or the former Marketing Director of Lawry’s sauce is definitely a perk of being an MBA student. And finally, the access to a broader Los Angeles network as an MBA student is hugely beneficial. People to whom you reach out are much more willing to support a student in figuring out their next step than talking to another executive about their career goals.

The security

Finally, I for one believe that having an MBA can never be a bad thing. While it is an expensive security blanket, having the letters after your name and the degree in your back pocket is only going to benefit you in the future. I’ve never heard someone say “oh I wish I had never gotten my MBA.” But I have heard people say “I wish I HAD gotten my MBA.” As long as you have the degree, that is something that no one can take away from you. And you can continue on to pursue your professional dreams knowing that you won’t ever be turned down from a job for which you are perfectly qualified simply because you didn’t have an MBA.

So, all in all, getting an MBA is a massive expense, let’s not kid about that. But what you get out of an MBA is so much more.

Student Blogger: Annie McNutt ‘23

Undergrad: Emory University (’15) – B.B.A. Marketing

Pre-MBA: Customer Marketing Manager, Kimberly-Clark

Leadership@Anderson: CP of Marketing, Admission Ambassador Corps; VP of Speaker Series, Entrepreneurs Association; Co-President, Anderson Wine Club

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