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Global Paths Cross in LA

As we create the next MBA class with our admits this time of year, another great international mix is forming. Our mission in Admissions is to create a kind of miniature United Nations here, where our MBA students learn about global culture from each other while gaining management understanding together too. Los Angeles is a gateway to the world which opens both ways, so this is the perfect place to mix the best of America with the best from 40+ countries around the world.

International students (and their families) find that they fit well in our multi-lingual city with every cuisine available. A taste of home may be comforting, but our students also share a sense of adventure, which is why they come to this forward-thinking region in the first place. Pioneers have always found their way to California, and we rely on newcomers to keep bringing fresh ideas and global perspectives which make this place dynamic for everyone.

Many Anderson graduates stay on the West Coast after their MBA since we offer such interesting careers and a balanced lifestyle. Those from abroad often arrange to stay for at least a few years under special work permit programs that help them establish their post-MBA careers while adding to the US economy.

UCLA Anderson’s status as a STEM program helps students to get visas, just as all students benefit from the credibility that a UCLA degree brings anywhere in the world. Southern California may be the base of our alumni network, but thanks to our international commitment we keep growing connections to successful people worldwide.

Speaking for myself, I’m glad to have seen the world several times over as I traveled to recruit applicants for our MBA program. Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East — I’ve been everywhere to meet prospective students and learn about many cultures first-hand. Nowadays I stay at headquarters upholding that global mindset, while my team of admissions officers takes their turn to travel and share UCLA Anderson’s appeal.

We all understand the value that international students bring to our school and our country. Add in the vital Americans and we feel lucky to be part of a worldwide network of fascinating, friendly people that we in MBA Admissions keep adding to every year.

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