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First Year Perspectives: Transitioning to LA from New York City

About Taylor: Taylor Campbell grew up in Northern Virginia, just a stone’s throw away from the Nation’s capital, but headed down south to UT Austin for college. While deep in the heart of Texas, she studied PR and business and searched for the best queso Austin had to offer. After graduation, Taylor headed back up to the East Coast, this time to New York City, where she spent five years working in corporate communications and crisis management. She chose UCLA Anderson for its collaborative community, proximity to the beach, and resources for pursuing a career in entertainment.

It’s my favorite time of year on the East Coast when the leaves are changing and you can start to tell by the weather that the holidays are fast approaching. In New York City that means a few more weeks of that one fall jacket you can only wear a few times a year, weekend getaways to an apple farm, and, soon enough, holiday markets popping up all over the city. As my Instagram algorithm shares more and more of this content and I start to get really nostalgic, I want to share my list of pros for living in LA.

Easy access to nature: As someone who doesn’t consider herself very outdoorsy, I was initially surprised to find this on my list. But the daily combo of sunshine and great weather makes all the difference. Being 10 minutes from the beach or one of the many hiking trails LA has to offer makes for a great escape during a busy week or fun plans for a weekend with friends. My favorites so far are spending a day at Will Rogers State Beach, walking along the boardwalk from Santa Monica to Venice, hiking Runyon Canyon Trail, and doing sunset bonfires at Dockweiler State Beach.

More space: This really can’t be overstated! I can finally open my closet doors without a rogue sweater falling on me, and as most New Yorkers know, that’s a huge win. My apartment has closets and cabinets in nearly every room, and my roommates and I have so much storage space we barely know what to do with it all. I’m the type of girl who loves having a lot of stuff, and for the first time in my adult life I actually have places to put all of it. Gamechanger.

Incredible food scene: I don’t think LA gets enough credit for all the amazing food options it has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a streetside taco stand like the famous Brothers Cousins Tacos, a luxurious (and potentially star-studded) classic like Polo Lounge, or something in between, LA has it all. Like New York, there are endless possibilities and new restaurants opening every week – it can be overwhelming. My advice is to start pulling together a shared list with friends so you always have somewhere new to try. To get you started, I’ve pulled together a few highlights from my own list (in no particular order): Craig’s, Tuk Tuk Thai, Dan Tana’s, Tsujita Killer Noodle, Gjelina’s, Formosa Café, Dudley Market.

The weather: You knew this was coming! I’d be remiss not to mention it, and it truly is a huge perk of LA living. Not only is it a great mood booster every day but it makes daily tasks a bit easier as well. For example, it’s never too cold to get in my run or hot girl walk. It also means we get great produce all year and year-round access to our local farmers market. There’s really nothing better than the Sunday ritual of grabbing a coffee and strolling over to the farmers market for fresh produce and treats from local vendors.

These are just a few of the many perks of living in LA. I’ll always love New York, but I’m excited to continue taking advantage of everything LA has to offer!

Student Blogger: Taylor Campbell ‘25

Undergrad: The University of Texas at Austin ‘18

Pre-MBA: Corporate Communications at Brunswick Group

Leadership@Anderson: Marketing Director, Admissions Ambassador Corps; Center for Media, Entertainment & Sports Relations Director, Entertainment Management Association; Alumni Relations Director, Anderson Student Association; Riordan MBA Fellow Mentor

Instagram: @tcamp_30

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