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First Year Perspectives: Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Travel Opportunities at Anderson

About Olivia: Growing up in New England, Olivia always knew she was meant for warmer weather. Her first stop was the University of Texas at Austin, achieving an undergrad in the Canfield Business Honors program with a major in Management Information Systems. After graduating with a perfect streak of football home game attendance, she moved to Sacramento, California and worked in product management and data science at Intel. Olivia is pursuing her MBA at UCLA Anderson in order to transform her leadership style while pursuing a career at the intersection of technology and fan engagement.

The community of UCLA Anderson expands beyond the classroom. As I began pursuing my MBA, I not only wanted to grow my own perspective, but to increase the number of perspectives I was exposed to. This mission inspired me to engage with Bruins coming from and living around the world. I realized as I unpacked my bags after moving to LA that I was back to using my favorite duffel and would be using it to carry out Anderson traditions across the US and abroad. The experience of being able to learn more about my classmates as we explore new places together and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

But it doesn’t stop there. 

Anderson offers courses every quarter that bring lessons to life from campus to countries all over. I am currently eyeing a course that will illuminate the economy of Cuba. It helps the words in a case jump off the page as you see the companies and business strategies come to life around you. I have also been fortunate enough to engage with clubs that give a springboard to experiential learning. Through the Entertainment Management Association, I was able to enjoy the Sundance Film Festival, where I not only appreciated new films and stories, but met alumni who were able to give insights into how this festival and productions came together. I also had the opportunity to travel to Portland with the Sports Business Association, and meet with companies to learn about all that a career in sports entails. I learned about business analytics with the Portland Trailblazers and the value of teamwork at Nike. These immersive experiences allowed me to learn about new places and new professions. There are countless more opportunities through clubs that take you to Mexico for wine-tasting, or Mammoth for outdoor adventuring. Whether near or far, it is through these shared trips that we are able to build upon who we are as individuals and what we want to bring back to our Anderson community.

I have no doubt that my time at Anderson is transforming me as a leader not only with the things I’ve learned, but the experiences I’ve had. I am privileged to say that not only has this program been beneficial to my career, but it has been a real joy to be a part of. I cannot wait for another year of adventure as I continue to explore Los Angeles and beyond. Bon Voyage!

  • Student Blogger: Olivia LeVine ‘25
  • Undergrad: University of Texas at Austin ’19
  • Pre-MBA: Product Manager & Data Analyst at Intel
  • Leadership@Anderson: Executive Vice President, Section C; First Year Director, Admissions Ambassador Corps; Director of Marketing, Anderson Video Game Club; Director of Partnerships, Jewish Business Student Association; Director of Growth Marketing, Sports Business Association; Director of Festivals, Entertainment Management Association; Riordan Mentor
  • Instagram@olivialefine

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