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First Year Perspectives: A Day in the Life of a UCLA Anderson Full-Time MBA Student

About Layla: Layla Mazdyasni grew up in San Diego, went to UC Berkeley, and lived in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. prior to attending Anderson. At Berkeley, Layla studied cognitive science with an emphasis on society, culture, and cognition. After graduating, she worked at Bloomingdale’s in its Executive Development Program and later at a marketing agency owning creative direction and research strategy. She hopes to leverage her marketing and human-behavior skills to pivot into management consulting. Layla is also a yoga instructor, and loves teaching to the Anderson community in her free time. 

At Anderson, there are so many incredible resources and you can really choose your own adventure. You pick the clubs, choose your classes (after the first few quarters), and chase after those post-grad dreams. Let me take you through a typical Thursday in my life as a first year full-time MBA student.

8:00 AM – Rise & Shine in Santa Monica:

The day kicks off with a burst of energy as I head to my favorite workout class in Santa Monica. While the UCLA campus gym is fantastic, exploring different fitness classes in the city adds variety to my routine. Whether it’s yoga on the beach or a high-intensity workout, I like to take advantage of the diverse fitness options LA has to offer and start my day off strong.

10:00 AM – Zooming into Interview Prep:

Back at home, I hop onto Zoom for a meeting with my Interview Prep Team (IPT). I’m recruiting for consulting internships and these small group sessions coordinated by the Parker Career Center are invaluable. My peers and I dive into practice cases, share insights, and refine our skills. Collaborating virtually with my team from the comfort of my home makes it both convenient and productive.

12:00 PM – Campus Bound:

At noon, I head to campus. The courtyard is buzzing with activity and I catch up with my friends and classmates before the academic afternoon begins. 

12:45 PM – Dive into Marketing Class:

One of my favorite classes this quarter is marketing. It is one of our core classes here at Anderson. Every Tuesday and Thursday, our professor shares recent marketing wins and woes, and our class dives into a stimulating discussion. After the lecture ends at 2:15pm, I meet with my marketing team to strategize for our final project — a group effort that allows each of us to contribute our unique skills.

4:30 PM – AnderNoons:

Thursday afternoons are special at Anderson — they’re AnderNoons! The North Terrace becomes a hub for students and faculty from all business programs across Anderson. Each AnderNoon is hosted in collaboration with a club on campus, and this week celebrated Diwali with the South Asian Business Association. We ate delicious samosas and daal, danced to Bollywood music, and had really fun conversations. 

7:00 PM – Preparing for Tomorrow:

A handful of my friends head out on the town after AnderNoons, but I choose to head home. My evening is dedicated to preparing for an interview tomorrow: researching the company, refining my responses, and ensuring I’m well-prepared. Business school is helping me in a career transition, and I want to make sure I am setting myself up for success. Next week, I’ll get to join my friends!

9:00 PM – Recharge & Reflect:

The night is young, but I prioritize getting a good night’s sleep. I take some time to unwind, reflecting on the day and preparing for the social weekend ahead. Balancing academics, networking, and personal well-being is key to a successful MBA experience.

Thursdays encapsulate the essence of a well-rounded and dynamic day at Anderson — one that combines academics, professional development, and a lot of fun. The different resources and activities on campus not only equip us with the skills to excel in our chosen fields but also foster a sense of community that extends beyond the classroom. 

  • Student Blogger: Layla Mazdyasni ’25 
  • Undergrad: University of California, Berkeley ’18
  • Pre-MBA: Creative Strategy at Hello Next Step (award-winning marketing agency)
  • Leadership@Anderson: Director of Prospective Student Affairs, Admissions Ambassador Corps; Director of Community, Management Consulting Association; Riordan High School Fellow Mentor
  • Instagram:

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