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Consortium@Anderson: Q&A With Tazia Middleton ’18

The Consortium has started a series of blog posts that will follow five Class of 2018 MBA students throughout the whole two-year process, and UCLA Anderson’s Tazia Middleton is one of the five selected students!

Learn more about Tazia’s journey to Anderson in the below excerpts from the first two blog posts from this series!

Tazia Middleton

Name: Tazia Middleton ’18

Undergrad: Cornell University,
B.S. Applied Economics & Management, Law & Society

Pre-MBA: Senior Investment Associate, Wetherby Asset Management

Management Consulting Association, Anderson Leadership Development Program, Women’s Business Connection, Out@Anderson, Basketball Club

Q. What concerns or hardships did you have to overcome in order to realistically consider business school?
“The scariest part was giving up the security of the life I had built in order to pursue something uncertain,” she said. “Saying goodbye to my clients and friends at work was a lot harder than I expected.”

Q. What was the most difficult part of applying to business school?
For Tazia, it was the tremendous time commitment, balancing work, family and “extracurricular” requirements with school research, test preparation and essay writing.

Q. Admissions counselors speak often about “fit”—finding the B-school that fits you. What were you looking for? Why did your choice ultimately meet those needs?
“Fit,” Tazia said, “is everything.”

Q. How has your experience so far lived up to (or fallen short of) your expectations?
“The collaborative culture is exactly what I was expecting,” Tazia said, “with students always willing to help other classmates.”

The UCLA Anderson Consortium Class of 2018
The UCLA Anderson Consortium Class of 2018

Q. What do you wish someone had told you about b-school before you started?
“Classwork and recruiting activities ramped up much more quickly than I expected,” Tazia said. “It is manageable, but not without organization.”

Q. What adjustments did you have to make once you understood what b-school was really like?
For Tazia, that meant becoming very, very scheduled. “I had to get back into the habit of maintaining a detailed calendar,” she said. “Group meetings, assignments, calls to my mom—they’re all in my calendar now.”

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Consortium beach
UCLA Anderson’s Consortium Class of 2018 hanging out at the beach

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