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Application Insider: Reapplying to UCLA Anderson

At UCLA Anderson, we love our reapplicants and we often see them succeeding the following admissions cycle.

Here’s some encouraging news: if you decide to reapply, you’re already well-versed in the application process, giving you a distinct advantage. While the composition of the applicant pool evolves annually, you have the luxury of extra time and newfound insights to craft a more compelling application. As a reapplicant, you embark on a fresh start because we don’t refer back to your previous application when reassessing your profile.


We’ve simplified the reapplication process to assist individuals who submitted their full-time MBA applications in the past two years. Please note that if your last application was more than two years ago, you will be classified as a ‘new’ applicant and should adhere to the guidelines for new applicants. The streamlined process entails submitting only one new recommendation, and there is no obligation to compose a new essay. Instead, we provide you with the chance in your reapplication to spotlight the developments since your last application across various categories. 

Test ScoresAcademics, Professional/EmploymentExtracurriculars, and Other. These sections are a great place to show the Admissions Committee that you have taken additional time to strengthen your candidacy and direct their attention to your achievements and improvements.

Here are some specific examples of what you could choose to highlight:

  • Test Scores: Many of our reapplying candidates take advantage of the extra time to consider retaking the GMAT/GRE in an effort to enhance their application. While a higher score is advantageous, it’s advisable to consult our class profile for GMAT averages and the 80% range to help you determine whether retaking the test is warranted. It’s important to note that we admit individuals both below and above these averages annually. Ultimately, if you believe you can achieve a better score and it would significantly bolster your candidacy, it might be worth your time, effort, and investment to retake the exam. Some reapplicants have also chosen to switch to a different exam (for instance, switching from GMAT to GRE or EA) or not include a test score if they found it to be a better fit for their strengths. 
  • Academics: If you believe your academic performance was below par and/or you didn’t adequately showcase your aptitude for quantitative tasks, it could be beneficial to contemplate enrolling in supplementary courses through community colleges, extension programs, or third-party educational providers. While these courses won’t alter your undergraduate GPA, they can serve as evidence of your capacity to handle the rigorous curriculum that our program entails.
  • Professional & Extracurricular Experiences: Since your last application, you’ve likely had ample opportunity to expand your professional background, including acquiring new skills, achieving milestones, working on projects, and even securing promotions. Additionally, you may have enriched your extracurricular involvement by taking on new leadership roles or engaging in volunteer activities. Be sure to showcase these developments in your reapplication.
  • Self-Reflection & Research: At times, an applicant may possess strong exam scores, GPA, and career achievements, yet still face an unfavorable outcome due to the softer aspects of their application. In such cases, it’s crucial to take a moment to reflect on the messaging in your previous application. Consider asking yourself the following questions: Have my post-MBA goals evolved or become more defined? Did I adequately convey why this moment in my career is the right time for an MBA? Do I now possess a deeper understanding of how UCLA Anderson’s program aligns with my aspirations and how I can contribute to it? Remember that your reapplication offers a clean slate, and it’s perfectly acceptable to share any updated goals if they have indeed changed.
  • Check back for more Application Insider blog posts that will cover information and tips on the many aspects of applying to the UCLA Anderson MBA program!

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